Placing 900 pds concrete planters around the pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Placing 900 pds concrete planters around the pool

Postby laura70 » Fri 01 Nov, 2019 19:01

Hello, I need your advise with placing some rectangular 900 pds concrete planters. We are building a courtyard house with a pool in the courtyard. The pool is 10' x 20' (concrete) and is already built. There are 5' between house wall and the pool wall on one side where we want to place the planters (6' x 3'). The planters should be put in place before the coping and deck is done. We were told the only solution is to have a crane to place them. When asked about a different solution , I was told that even there is another mashine that can turn around into small spaces, it will weight (the machine + planters) around 3800 pds. They dont want to use these mashines because they said the weight of the mashine will crack the pool shell. There are around 20 ft from the pool side to the neighbours' house.
Do you think there is another solution apart from the crane? Also, a heavier machine can be a problem to the pool shell? Even if it stays 10ft from the pool and use a boom or something? Thank you so much. Any ideas are appreciated.

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