Using solid bedrock as pool bottom?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Using solid bedrock as pool bottom?

Postby Brucehardin21 » Sun 22 Nov, 2020 08:34

I’m a GC building my own pool. During excavation I hit solid bedrock between 5 and 6 feet. Since that’s the depth we want I plan to drill holes and tie the rebar and poured concrete walls directly into the limestone bedrock. It’s obviously a unique approach but that’s nothing new or scary to me, and it’ll look really cool. My main concern is keeping the pool water or ground water from penetrating where the walls meet the bedrock. I haven’t yet decided on a final finish/sealer for the walls once they cure, e.g. pool plaster or some other waterproofer, and it may be adequate on it’s own at that joint. But I’m also thinking about applying something like Bentonite clay or some other hydrophilic material at that joint prior to pouring the walls. Thoughts and advice are welcome.

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Re: Using solid bedrock as pool bottom?

Postby Teapot » Sun 22 Nov, 2020 13:07

Yes that is exactly what I do for normal pool contruction although I seem to be almost unique in doing so, I have visited many pools with liners and staining under the liner from rust and rusty staining through plaster work

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