material for spa overflow

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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material for spa overflow

Postby caseembry » Thu 30 Sep, 2021 13:48

We finished our pool a few months back, and we have a spa that is connected to the pool with a spillover. We used concrete pavers for coping and also surrounding the top of the spa. We used the same paver for the spa overflow stone. We are losing water, and we think it may be due to the porous paver that the water is continually flowing over. It's hard to check this, but this seems like the most likely problem since we have checked all of our pipes, skimmers, etc. We are considering replacing the stone with something that is not porous, and I was curious what options there are. Are there any natural stones that would work, can you use tile, etc. Also, is it possible to seal the paver enough to prevent this? I used epoxy seal already, but it didn't seem to actually fill the holes. Thanks!

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Re: material for spa overflow

Postby Denniswiseman » Fri 01 Oct, 2021 05:49

I doubt that a concrete paver would allow that much water to seep through that you would notice unless it was designed to do so
I would suspect the joints and the paver bed

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