Gate valves

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Gate valves

Postby RonPace » Mon 22 Nov, 2021 09:14

Here is an interesting one, for me anyway!

Neew neighbours are installing a larger pool than was there before. Obviously a quality person as no expense spared and what looks to be a very competent installation company.

He is very much into minimalism and in the new pump room, he simply has two inlets - skimmer and vac each with a gate valve and two outlets - return an waste, neither of which has a gate valve, instead relying on the internal seals in the multi-valve coming off the filter. As he logically says, a pool should be so simple that all is required to run it is for a person to have basic reading skills on where to position the handle of the muti-valve - filter, waste or backwash.

He is frustrated that he cannot find a way around not having two gate valves on the inlet pipes, and seriously questions why no one has ever made a multi-valve with a dedicated path from skimmer to filter and vac to waste!

Now, out of interest a question for a hardened installer, is he right to trust the multi-valve internal seals? The cynic in me says no, I want to see big taps that is stopping any leakage going to waste and conversely, stopping any waste going to return... :D

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Re: Gate valves

Postby Teapot1 » Mon 22 Nov, 2021 09:54

Belt and braces! It's ok for a theorist but when it comes time to service then its a different ball game entirely. And when the multiport seal begins to harden?
Plant room above or below the water line?
It can be made simple and better, "Competent installation company" haha no, I am not there!
It is so easy to make a really good job of a pool installation that runs effeciently on a fraction of the electricity that a standard setup uses and I mean 24 hour filtration for the same as a standard setup uses in 2 hours! Still if they want it simple now and hassle later when it has to be chopped about thats up to them.
I may not give you the answer you want to hear, but I will give an honest opinion of your situation as you decribe it.

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