Concrete Pool Cracks - Fix or Pull Out Pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Concrete Pool Cracks - Fix or Pull Out Pool

Postby Pool292 » Fri 10 Nov, 2023 15:30

I have a newly built 25' x 50' concrete pool. Leaks were quickly formed on the walls running the length of the pool. The basic construction is as follows: 2' x 12" with three #5 bars continuous. THe wall is 12" with double #4 bar. The floor was poured at the end as is 6" thick. All 4,000 wall mix. I am being told that the rebar is insufficient to maintain pool integrity and that I need to rip it out and start again. I can see where a traditional Gunite builder would not be happy with this construction but does anyone else know anything about this kind of construction? Apparently it was done many years ago and went out of fashion. The builder swears that if we repair the existing cracks with staples etc. that it will be fine. Outside contractors disagree. Replacing the pool would cost 200k. This is not an option for me.

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Re: Concrete Pool Cracks - Fix or Pull Out Pool

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 11 Nov, 2023 13:04

How about lining with fibreglass or vinyl liner

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