Is it worth it to build your own pool?

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Is it worth it to build your own pool?

Postby Craigh » Fri 04 Mar, 2011 02:19

Hi there.

THis is my first post here. I have just bought a small plot and with it came a hole in the ground that used to be a swimming pool. Apparently the previous cockroaches that rented the house before we bought decided that the 5 acres wasn't enough space to plant a garden so the DUG UP half of a 10m x 6m pool!!

So I have a hole that is half sand and half cement!
I am wanting to put in a pool but my wife has decided that building it our selves sounds like a good plan!!!!
Any ideas on this?
Our bore-whole man says he built his own. He says he dug the hole, fitted rebar strips around the entire bottom and wall area. He then tied some form of wire to the rebar. Poured 10 cubes of cement and then got some plasterers to skim the surface with Gunite.

Does this sound plausible? Is it as easy as that? Is it a hell of a lot cheaper then getting in a company to do it?

THanks for any help.


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Is it worth it to build your own pool?

Postby czechmate » Sun 06 Mar, 2011 21:45

If you have to ask this question the answer is simple and clear. Absolutely not.
I have spend 50 years in commercial construction, would probably have the guts to built a vacation home but would not even consider to built my own pool. Some things are are meant to be done by professional tradesman equipped with necessary machinery using learned and honed techniques. Without it you are likely to end up with a pond after the bottom or side caves in, after a year or two.
The difference in building a house is that you have minimum time constraint, weather does not much affect you and you can buy or rent tools. Gunite and plaster application is a process of tuned crew of 5-6 people who have skills, system and equipment that cannot be rented or operated by layman. Procedure is demanding and timing crucial. (I am not even talking about clean excavation and quick subsequent laying of rebar).
I have done pool electrical, water tiling, tile coping ,pool deck tile and patio tile. Next to it I built heavy cedar timber pergola 35ft x 15ft without any help from anyone. But to built a pool did never crossed my mind.

One more thought though. From the lifelong experience I came under impression, that our spouses always hold us back a bit with their natural suspicion of danger of the unknown. Looks like you don't enjoy the same guidance at home.
I wish you good luck, Sir. You will need plenty of it.
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Is it worth it to build your own pool?

Postby swimmingpoolbuild » Sat 14 May, 2011 10:43

If you are going to build your own pool I would suggest building a vinyl liner pool or a one piece fiberglass pool instead of a concrete pool. These pools are much easier to build and come in kit form. Check out my website for instructions.

Whatever you do, make sure you get permits and inspections. Check with local building codes in your area.


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