New Pool Installed - Dents At Bottom

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New Pool Installed - Dents At Bottom

Postby DENTEDPOOL » Tue 03 Jul, 2012 09:40

We recently had a new pool installed it is a 21 above ground. After the pool was filled I noticed that there was a large dent on bottom of pool right at the post so I called the installers back out and he shook the crap out of my pool and created another dent at the next post. He said we needed to just pop them out from the inside. Tried this it didnt work. Someone else came out the next day and fixed them but there is still a dent in one spot just not as bad. He said it is nothing to worry about. We checked our pool for levelness and noticed it is about 2" off level and the part that is deeper is the same side that has the dents. If you look from the outside those panels seem to be bulging a little more than the others. The bottom of my pool is lumpy and there is a screw missing in the top rail. SO my question is..... I know this is not right. Is it dangerous? and is it something that will need to be drained to be repaired?


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