Sanding footprints out of new plaster

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Sanding footprints out of new plaster

Postby demeter234 » Tue 21 Aug, 2012 18:48

We had a 30 year old pool completely renovated by a very reputable company. In fact, the company that originally built the pool. The job was started the first week of April and we are still dealing with it.

It has been nothing short of a nightmare. Subs do the work and no one from the company will come out to look over the project and see the sub-standard work they are doing.

I'm looking for feedback on sanding new plaster (quartz).

I sent the pool company pictures of where the men walked in front of the steps of the pool. It doesn't look terrible during the day, but when the pool light is turned on at night it is nothing short of heartbreaking. This is a very expansive area that extends out from the steps about 2 feet and across about 9 feet. The steps are also very wavey. This was in no way a professional job.

The pool company wants to sand it out. I am concerned becaused it is such a large area and the depressions in the plaster are fairly deep. I am told that the plaster is 1/2 inch thick so it shouldn't be a problem, but believe me, there won't be much plaster left after sanding it. They also need to plaster a few places at the corners of the steps where you can actully put 2 fingers into the holes.

Any feedback on how sanding will affect the integrity of the pool would be very much appreciated. How about filling the holes with plaster?

Also, should we expect some sort of reduction in price since we paid for a "professional" renovation, not a patched job?


Re: Sanding footprints out of new plaster

Postby judithleah » Sun 14 Oct, 2018 20:20

I know it's been several years since you posted your question, but I'm wondering if you could let me know how this issue was resolved. I am facing a very similar situation right now and don't know what to do. My pool was plastered last week and distinct footprints were left behind. No supervisor was present. I don't feel that I got the quality job that I was promised. I still have to pay the balance, which is 10% of the price and I could withhold that until the flaw is corrected. As of now, they have not made any suggestions as to how to fix the problem. It would be very helpful for me to know how your problem was resolved and whether or not you are satisfied with the solution. Thanks so much for your help in this matter!

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