Old Pool - Suspended in air

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Old Pool - Suspended in air

Postby Delmisst » Thu 06 Jun, 2013 23:18

Hi there,
We just purchased a new home for us, but it's 20 years old. It has a concrete pool that has been built on top of a huge rock ledge and his half suspended out over the edge and supported by huge concrete pillars.
I can't see where to upload a picture of it or I would! It has a concrete surround around the pool which when viewed from underneath is susupended, guessing wire cross beams running through concrete to hold it up! My question is...... there is some cracks that appear to have been filled with a white substance, well I'm guessing there were cracks.... there is also a lot of rust marks running down the walls of the concrete, all of this is on the outside of the pool, since it's suspended you see, I can see all around the pool and it's plumbing! There is heaps of water and rust marks coming out of the return boxes as well. Also one part of the wall, about as large as a car front windscreen, has some of the concrete flaking off and I can see the internal support of the pool, what ever that is made of? Doesn't look fibreglass to me!
I'm freaking out that this pool is going to all fall down one day! Can anyone out there tell me anything that is a definate danger danger danger sign and that I should look out for! Guess all pools installed in the ground, would not look pretty if people could see in the dirt, I just happen to be able to walk all around mine!

Thanks for any help that anyone can give!


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