Help me choose right color for the Diamond Brite

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Help me choose right color for the Diamond Brite

Postby SFBayArea » Mon 17 Jun, 2013 16:14

My pool will only be heated up from the sun. I live in San Francisco bay area (East Bay) and while it gets hot in the summer - mid 80s to 90 during day, my wife is still afraid that the pool water will not be warm enough for her or some guests. My pool is not super deep, specifically for the reason of getting warm waters my deepest spot in the pool is 6' and in shallow is 3.5'.
I am thinking to add additional help to sun heating I probably need to get some sort of dark color plaster. However, I want it look good.
I've been thinking of Diamond Brite colors: Midnight Blue and Tahoe Blue. I also saw on the web that people mix these colors with the Onyx batch. Hence, I've been wondering if anyone have experience with any of these dark colors? I

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