Painting tips needed ! Steel - Concrete Older Pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 35000 gal IG pool, with concrete bottom, and steel sides and skimmers - that have collected some rust. DE Filter, Only have top skimmers, No main drain.
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Painting tips needed ! Steel - Concrete Older Pool

Postby webguynow » Mon 01 Jul, 2013 19:28

I'm about to paint my older pool, now that I've done a complete resurfacing on it, due to some rust spots.

I was in this big maintenance cycle in 2010 - and now again in 2013
It really turned out good previously, but I'm trying to do everything I can to minimize the maintenance, and put the best fixes in for Long-Term.

I even have pictures of the Before and After, in 2010 - and let me tell you, it started pretty Ugly.

Here's my recent post, from just this year:

(Rusty) Steel Walls (again) and Considering Rebuild!

After grinding any rust out, down to the bare steel, and cleaning,
I've used a thick layer of AboWeld to patch the seams and repair any rust spots.
( It's the first time, I've used such a product - allthough I hear WallNew was quite popular too )

**** Now I'm looking for painting tips or techniques, and How to Do It Right. ****
I've already gotten the paint, and it's from Kelly Technical Coatings: Olympic Zeron epoxy paint.

I might go about it this way:
Rough up any AboWeld spots with course sandpaper, to allow the paint to grip better.
Clean and brush down, with TSP solution ( 1/2 cup, to 2 gallons )
Clean and brush down, with Muriatic acid solution ( 50/50 muriatic acid/water )
Clean and brush down, with TSP solution

Make sure it's dry and I have 5 relatively Dry days ahead.
Mix the epoxy paint, and apply.

Tips from anyone experienced.
This is a Big Big job, especially since it's an IG pool, 35,000 gallons, and it's 17' by 42'
I don't want to make a mistake and it's got to be quality work, throughout.

ps: It's steel-sided, with a concrete bottom.
I'm going to be painting over the last coat of paint - there's only 5% of it (seams & edge) that needed patching. On the bottom, just dirty in spots, stained with dirt, and a few rust spots too, I think from metal shards that got loose and landed on the bottom ( during the grinding/resurfacing process ).

Eventually, this whole thing will need a rebuild, and I'm looking forward to Low-Maintenance, compared to all this; I'd be glad to hear suggestions on modern builds, materials and what is used to build new pools too.

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