Pool "Overhaul" Questions (Salt System, New VS Pump) Help!

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Pool "Overhaul" Questions (Salt System, New VS Pump) Help!

Postby sailor21 » Mon 22 Jul, 2013 15:28


I have a 25ft x 8ft "capsule" shaped inground pool with a 6ft diameter Jacuzzi that cascades into the pool, pool is 3ft in the shallow end and 5ft in the deep end.

I am starting a complete revamping of the pool and the first stage will be to change to a Salt system and add a Variable Speed Pump, preferably Hayward as I live in Puerto Rico and the other major brands do not have the support and parts availability that Hayward does.

I have been doing some research and I like the Hayward Aqua Plus System (as I can control everything and add remote control) as well as the Eco Star Pump. My DE filter is a DE3620 which will get re-vamped with new O-rings, valve & ribs and a 1.5hp Pump.

Would this be a good combination of equipment?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


Pool "Overhaul" Questions (Salt System, New VS Pump) Help!

Postby fasteddy3243 » Fri 16 Aug, 2013 17:06

I don't like DE filters (25 years building and repairing pools). I am not happy with the quality of filtration. I like high rate sand filters for ease of maintenance and filtering quality. The pump choice is fine, Hayward makes good pumps, and parts are seldom needed. Their motors are easily rebuilt and they seal well. I normally do not use variable speed pumps except on pool/spa combos.

Math for your pool/pump sizing: gallons = area x avg depth x 7.49gal/cu ft = 6000gal plus spa volume. 6hr turnover means you need say, 7200 gal / 360min - 20gpm. A 1.5hp pump throws a lot more than 20gpm at 60' of head.

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