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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby claissete » Thu 17 Oct, 2013 05:42

Hi my pool needs regrouting as standard bathroom grout was originally used and is now failing. I live in Thailand where good advice and materials are scarce. I have been reccommended to use Weber colour HR swimming pool grout (which is available here), is this a good choice? I am also wondering to what depth will the old grout need to be removed to ensure a successfull end result? A swimming pool company told me that there was enough depth from the surface of the old grout to the surface of the tile, to regrout without removing the old grout. I am concerned by this advice as in most places there is a depth of 2-2.5mm from old grout to tile surface but in places there is a depth of less than 1mm.
Any advice would be much appreciated!
Thanks Jim

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