A Versatile Thermoplastic Transparent Material

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A Versatile Thermoplastic Transparent Material

Postby stevelindsay » Fri 21 Feb, 2014 01:39

Polycarbonate is a type of transparent thermoplastic, which is specially designed for roofing applications. It has high degree of stability and can withstand high temperatures. It can even withstand very low temperatures and hence is termed as highly durable material. It is very light weight material and is lighter than glass. It has similar physical properties of that of glass but has got lot of uses as compared to glass.
Polycarbonate sheets are non-hazardous and stain resistant substance which makes it efficient as a roofing material. Even though these sheets have high strength, but it can be cut into desired shape as required with the help of a tooth saw.

Domestic and Industrial Use of Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate sheet has got a number of applications and is widely preferred over glass because:

• Can be used as a perfect building material because it is flexible in both in-house and out-house décor options.
• It is easy to weld and cut. Hence it can be carved into any desired shape.
• Resistant to external conditions and damages. Because of its high tensile strength, it does not break easily unlike glass.
• It is resistant to stain and other toxic substances. It is chemically inert.
• It can be used to maintain privacy as it completely avoids the passage of noise through it.
• During manufacturing it is coated with a layer, which reflects the UV lights and is considered as one of the perfect greenhouse material.
• Polycarbonate can withstand scorching heat during the summer and teeth-biting cold during the winter season and can be used in roofing applications.

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