Reinstalling a used Doughboy oval pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: I am installing a 12x20 above ground Doughboy pool which I bought used, suspect to be Mystic Garden. Sand filter, other details not sure at this time.

Reinstalling a used Doughboy oval pool

Postby WillK » Fri 23 Jun, 2017 09:59

I bought a used Doughboy above ground oval pool, 12'x20', with 48" walls and steel top rails and posts. Speaking with my pool store, it sounds like it is a Mystic Garden model. The print pattern on the walls is light green.

As of this posting, I've got the site in my yard excavated and I've started setting the blocks for the side posts, I'm following instructions that Doughboy has online but I've run into a situation where the dimensions don't match.

For 12x20 oval pools, Doughboy instructions direct that you stake and set a string at 5'9-3/4" from the pool centerline. This is supposed to be where the inboard edge of the post will go, however it says you set the cement block at 11" out from the string and this will sit outside of the post against a bracket on the bottom support bracket. On my post assembly, that bracket is roughly at the middle of the post, so if I set the block according to directions, my posts end up about 4" outside of the string.

Does anyone have experience with an older model like this or ideally instructions? I want to make sure I use the correct dimensions or that there isn't anything unexpected in the instructions...

Absent that, I'm just going to move the block inboard and hope it works out. So if anybody things that should work out or that such an approach is going to be a disaster, let me know. Thanks in advance!

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