Main Drain... Or so I thought

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Main Drain... Or so I thought

Postby Craigganiel » Fri 04 Aug, 2017 05:44

In the history of pool plumbing and circulation design. Has anyone ever encountered or installed a main drain plumbed in on the return side of the system.
That would be the case here, I guess in theory it creates an upflow circulating water up to the two skimmer baskets? It seems odd to me but that's why I'm asking.
The main drain/jet whatever you want to call it in this case, was plumbed in pairs as to prevent the stuck suction issue making the situation that much more peculiar. Just wondering if the installer had a mislabeled pipe, installed it after lunch on a Friday, or if it's just common practice these days.
Wouldn't care either way, however I always seemed to struggle a bit more with water clarity with this pool more so than ones in the past. Any input would be appreciated. :wtf:

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