New Pool- Pebble Sheen Color UNEVEN

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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New Pool- Pebble Sheen Color UNEVEN

Postby ShanaHolmes » Thu 17 Aug, 2017 22:19

We just put in a pool....we love it....28,000 gallon, salt, we filled it up with water July 09, 2017.

Pebble Sheen color looks VERY uneven...darker and lighter in some spots, less rocks showing on benches...and the unevenness actually makes the pool look dirty on the floor of pool. The pool has cured now for over 30 days so they are saying this is the color....advice, is this normal, you can't tell when pool is on because of the fountains and ripples of water and reflections but when pool is off....geeze it looks awful to me. Thoughts? Could it be a stain of some sort? Can dirt stain while curing? Brushing doesn't see to help? Does acid wash help if so, should we do the acid wash where you drain the pool?

Hoping to have an idea before I speak to builder.

Thanks for your time!

Thanks for your time whoever educates me!! :)

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