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Pool Variance

Postby captainron » Wed 02 Aug, 2006 21:54

We are putting an in ground swimming pool in. We live on a corner lot. Because of size of yard and slope we have no other choice other than to have the pool be more in the side yard which is considered frontage. I have a picture located at http://grovevillefire.com/ron/pool.jpg to better describe what we are looking to do.

There is already an exisitng fence in side yard but owner before us had to drop it to 4' because of the side yard being considered frontage - the 4' fence is acceptible in my township for a pool.

Since the pool will extend beyond the front of the house into the side yard we must obtain a variance to ask it to be done. We started the paper work but I am looking for advice on proper wording in the variance request that will aide me in getting it approved.

Does anyone have experience with this?



Postby woodsylady1 » Sat 05 Aug, 2006 09:20

I work for a buiding dept in NJ. Do you not meet the required "setbacks" (distance from pool to property lines)to obtain a variance?
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I'm new here
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Postby captainron19 » Sun 06 Aug, 2006 18:23

Yes the required setback from property line to concrete line is 8 feet I believe - the way I have it drawn out right now, the pool concrete will be approx 15-17 feet from the fence (well within limits)

Any tips on writing my variance request? as far as hardship and reason for request

Re: variance

Postby KFS » Tue 10 Oct, 2006 15:21

It's probably way late for this but I am a former zoning board member (in a rural locale) and I suggest you always hit a variance with terms like "insurmountable" as in "insurmountable drainage challenges" etc. You have to make a case that yours is a UNIQUE site

Basically, we want our Board to see that the homeowner isn't asking for a variance lightly or on a whim, but because it is the ONLY conceivable way they can meet their very reasonable goal.

In most locales neighbors are all notified. It is best to get them on your side - particularly if you have good neighbors who will be happy to come to the meeting and state unequivocably that they have no issue and, in fact, would be pleased to see you get your variance.

Good luck!

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