HELP! Bond Beam Troubles

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: “Play pool” (two shallow sides and 5’ deep middle section) built in the early 90’s.

HELP! Bond Beam Troubles

Postby Healex5840 » Mon 24 Sep, 2018 13:57

Hi Guys- I need some solid advice in which direction to move... bare with me please:

I live in Pinellas county FL and I bought this house a year and a half ago knowing there was a bond beam crack visually presenting itself in multiple places. The pool: it’s a typical 90's “play pool” style- two shallow sides with a deeper middle. No leaks, only one hairline crack presenting on the back of the pool just under the waterline tile. I hate the pool, but that is another topic. My back yard has a little slope moving away from the back of the pool down to the fence, so when it was built they poured this huge wall along the back of the pool. No footer, just a huge retention type wall. Well, after years of natural erosion, the bond beam is separating from the decking and there are HUGE cracks, now the waterline tiles are dropping off into the pool, you can hear the hallow tiles and decking when you knock on it. I’ve have had multiple pool construction, reconstruction, restoration, you name it, come out and give me scenarios and breakdowns of how to fix it, if I should fix it, etc.

Problem at hand: I don’t know if it would be wise to demo the whole pool and start fresh with a footer behind the beam, or if I should salvage the pool. One guy said it was 6k just to demo the pool- I am running into these companies overpricing things because they don't want that difficult of a job. Quotes have ranged from 40k-45k to fix the wall, retile, remarsite, recut 3" waterhog floor drains, screen in the pool, and add thin set pavers. My biggest concern: I don’t want to have this bond beam issue again. Please help- I’ve had 10 different pool guys give me 10 different scenarios that don’t add up- I am looking for some educated honesty. Thank you in advance!
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