Pool renovation - where should i begin?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool renovation - where should i begin?

Postby jkeeton » Mon 20 Apr, 2020 14:04

My pool has been standing idle for 5 years. it was previously operational but with rigged external plumbing. It's a total redo, the only thing that's salvageable is the shell. I guess my first question is draining it? i've had a couple of pool guys tell me that i'd have to drill a couple of holes in the bottom, maybe on the sides to relieve the hydro static pressure (they weren't sure if the plug could be removed? Should there be one? ) when most of the water is out. Is this is what i should do, what size holes? how many? where? This side of the yard is where a lot of my yard water drainage happens. Any advice on the subject of drainage is appreciated.


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Re: Pool renovation - where should i begin?

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 21 Apr, 2020 11:23

You only have to relieve the hydrostatic pressure if there is water under the pool (maybe drill down outside the pool to the pool bottom to check)
Do you have a main drain as that will be where the hydrostatic valve would be. That would be worth checking first

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