New Pool Deck/Coping/Liner Sequence of Construction Help

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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New Pool Deck/Coping/Liner Sequence of Construction Help

Postby mballantine » Wed 22 Apr, 2020 18:13

Hi folks!

I currently have a vinyl lined, inground pool. I am planning on hiring a company to replace the liner. Currently there is a rounded (bullnose) metal coping pieces that buts directly up to a concrete pool deck and the coating on that is faded and its kind of old and ugly looking. The pool deck isn’t exactly how I would like it to be arranged either and the concrete is chipping away in places, so I expanded the scope from liner replacement to liner replacement and new pool deck. What I want is a paver deck and to get rid of the big white bull nose coping that I have now. I have done enough research to understand that there is a particular type of coping that sits flush on top of the pool wall where the liner attaches and is made to have a very low profile so pavers can be used as coping - cantilever coping.

I need some help understanding how this all works. I know that first I need to demo the concrete deck and assume at that point I will probably destroy the bull nose coping and the old liner will no longer be attached to anything. Assuming this because the concrete seems to be right up against it and I imagine I can’t remove the concrete without damaging the coping. Do I then get the pool company to come out and install the new cantilever coping and new liner and then have the landscaping firm come and install the pavers (including the pavers that will but up and hang over the pool? Any guidance or knowledge into the sequence of construction would be great!

I have tried to find one contractor that can do it all and haven’t had much luck, looks like the liner folks don’t do decking and the decking folks don’t do liners near my area.

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Re: New Pool Deck/Coping/Liner Sequence of Construction Help

Postby Denniswiseman » Thu 23 Apr, 2020 04:37

Get the contractors you choose to talk to each other, make it a condition of them getting the job

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