Above ground pool/putting wall in track

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Above ground pool/putting wall in track

Postby Gsdlover » Sun 03 May, 2020 08:37

Hoping someone can help us!! Ground is level, track in place. It looked great, and began putting up the wall (30x52). We get the wall up, going great, bolt the wall together, start putting our sand in the middle. Ok, here comes the bad part. We live in Kentucky, and all of a sudden the wind decides to start blowing. Guess what, part of the wall comes out, blows sand in the track, and we work for hours and can’t keep the sand out of the track and wall back in. My husband gets mad, quits, and it didn’t help he as exhausted. We are at a standstill. The sands in the middle, the track is got sand in it in places, and the wall is out in places. Can anyone give any advice?

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Re: Above ground pool/putting wall in track

Postby Denniswiseman » Mon 04 May, 2020 03:16

I'm not familar with above ground pools
My only suggestion is start from scratch again

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