Spa/skimmer design flaw? Help....!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Spa/skimmer design flaw? Help....!

Postby kneedeep47 » Tue 05 May, 2020 18:46

I have an in-ground pool and a heated in-ground 7-foot diameter spa. When built, the construction crew recessed the spa into the pool deck, so that the apron of the spa sits at the same level as the pool deck. The spa is connected to the swimming pool via a "spillover trough” that sits about four inches lower than the pool deck. The construction crew also installed the skimmer trough at the same water level as the spa spillover.

Here’s my problem:

If I set the water level high enough for the skimmer to work, the skimmer will work fine, BUT THEN the heated spa water freely flows into the pool when I’m using the spa—and cooler pool water flows back into the spa. As a result, I end up with a cool spa, and wasting heated water when it flows from the spa into the pool.

As an alternative, I can set the water level in the pool/spa so that the spillover functions as it should (prevents “backflow” from the pool into the spa), BUT THEN the water level is below the level of the skimmer trough, and the skimmer becomes useless.

I’m thinking I might have a design issue with the spa and skimmer troughs at the same level. Any thoughts out there? Any recommended solutions? Thanks…..

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