Downpour/mud during pebbletec install

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Downpour/mud during pebbletec install

Postby Cjmarshall » Tue 09 Jun, 2020 14:12

We have had multiple difficulties during a pool build. Long story, but they were almost complete with pebbletec install when it started to pour rain (rain was in the forecast) subsequently mud ran into it as well.
We had previously advised multiple times that natural stone water features were not sealed completely and area above was not graded.
They advised that they have to do a refinish now because the color would be off, but only because of the “unexpected” rain.
To them this apparently means removing loose material, chipping away edges, and Just going back over the remaining pebbletec material.
We have consulted with the material supplier and they had said that being a new pool they would think that all material would be removed. But the warranty would be the same, and the installer is certified. However we are concerned with inconsistency In finish and the fact that we paid for a new pool.
The owner of the company Who sold us will only email, hasn’t called or showed up on site in months. He will send a 2nd in command or contractor.
We have already paid for 95% of this pool. It’s been a nightmare project (started January after Nov deposit)
Any input would be helpful.

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