Inground 18x36 Poly wall 6" radius corner question

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Inground 18x36 Poly wall 6" radius corner question

Postby pohouse » Mon 30 Nov, 2020 10:18

Hi all. New to the forum. I will be renovating an existing inground 18x36 poly wall pool, sand bottom. This pool came with a home I purchased about 5 years ago. Its approximately 25 years old. Probably has been empty for 10 years. The concrete deck around the pool, the walls, coping and underground plumbing are all in excellent condition. Its time to get her up and running. The plan is to convert to a 2 drain deep end, new liner, all new top side equipment and change to salt. We would like to add a corner step fiberglass unit (Sweetwater step, cozy corner from Hydra or other suggestions?) We want steps into the pool, without sacrificing shallow end real estate. The unit I see online is a 2' radius corner. My pool has 6' poly panels with a 6" radius corner. Can a step unit be spliced into the current poly panels? Or am I restricted to replacing a 6' panel with a 6' step? I am a contractor and have the ability/equipment to excavate. Very few pool companies where I live and the ones I've contacted do not do renovations.

Thanks for any input

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Re: Inground 18x36 Poly wall 6" radius corner question

Postby Teapot » Mon 30 Nov, 2020 12:20

I would think so, often the stairs do not go all the way to the bottom.

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