Unlevel inground fiberglass pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Unlevel inground fiberglass pool

Postby angelajbrady » Fri 11 Dec, 2020 23:18

We did a do it yourself install for a fiberglass pool & the crew that installed the pool & did the back fill told us it was level. We have already set everything up, and a ton of stamped concrete surrounds the pool. (Permits were pulled & waiting for final inspection) My husband filled it today & discovered it is terribly unlevel. The shallow end is 2 inches below the coping but the deep end is about 5-6 inches below it. We are SICK about this. What will it take to correct it? Is it worth it?

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Re: Unlevel inground fiberglass pool

Postby Teapot » Mon 14 Dec, 2020 08:30

Not worth it, put up with it and chalk it up to experience but in future actually viewing the laser level, spirit level or whatever before believing a contractor.

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