anyone ever use styrofoam for pool bottom?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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anyone ever use styrofoam for pool bottom?

Postby aquaman » Sun 23 Dec, 2007 18:31

I am new to the forum, and I'm very interested in the use of styrofoam as a pool bottom material. I have done three pools now, mortar bottom on the first, and pool krete on the next two. The mortar bottom pool ended up smoother but was very labor intensive. The pool krete involved less labor but was still very time consuming and a little less smooth when finished. I thought that styrofoam would make a good base and then saw a reference to it somewhere, but no real details, it just said use 2" blue styrofoam, but nothing about glueing or seaming or any of the pros and cons. I would appreciate some advice, by the way, Ilive in AL the soil here is usually red clay.


Styrofoam pool base

Postby Guest » Tue 05 Feb, 2008 19:30

The blue styrofoam is denser than the white stuff they use for packaging, but it still gets compressed. The degree of compression cannot be controlled and it may leave an uneven pool floor.

The joins or seams would not be an issue because the foam boards are lipped and interfit quite well.

The foamboard would provide a nice soft protective layer for the pool base and may make standing in the pool more "comfortable".

anyone ever use styrofoam for pool bottom?

Postby tonysc » Sun 09 Aug, 2009 14:37

Any luck with using the styrofoam, Im building a pool now and was wondering how it would work out

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