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draining pool

Postby justden » Wed 02 Apr, 2008 18:22

Thanks Walter, for the info on the Mineral Spring and draining the pool.

My pool is indoors and I would be pumping it thru underground lines down a hill to a lake about 150 ft. away, do you think there is still a problem?

About the MS, I was told that it is exactly the same as the Aquarite unit with a different name, made by the same company, was I misled? If it is the same, could I just use salt or do all the SWG's need conditioner every week.

Thanks again for the help,

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Postby Walter » Thu 03 Apr, 2008 14:08

you would need to add conditioner as needed for salt if your not using MS. As for draining the pool, you might be able to leave like a foot or two of water in the bottom of it so you won' thave to worry about popping it out, if the water is nasty then drain to 1 foot and add some clean water to dilute it and take more out again to about 1 foot and then clean it up and fill it up.
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