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Postby Guest » Sun 06 Apr, 2008 09:03

hi i am looking for some advice on building a pool
i have what was once a score board for a race track (horses) it is 40' x 12'
it has 8 vertical steal H beams one at each corner and 2 down each side every 13' and horizontal H beams running round the top at 12' high and 2 H beams going across the middle at 12' high the spaces in between the steal H beams are filled in with double brick the building is about 90 years old it was ones 4 stories high but is only 15' high now i was considering rendering the walls with waterproof concrete to make it a swimming pool but i was not sure if the walls would take the pressure
Would anyone know what pressure a 40’ x 12’ x 5’ deep pool would put on the walls

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