Collapsed Inground Metal Stair Repair Help

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Collapsed Inground Metal Stair Repair Help

Postby Guest » Sun 06 Apr, 2008 10:55

I have a Grecian 32 X 16 in-ground pool. At one end, there are built in metal stairs with liner over top. The stairs have become so rusted that they are beginning to collapse.

When I contacted local pool contractors, they all quoted me $6,000+ to replace the stairs. Yikes!!!!!

So my idea is to drain the pool, pull back the liner and have a metal fabricator come in and cut away the old stairs. This same guy could then custom build me a new set of stairs in the same shape,,,,so I can re-use my liner and save LOTS of case. He has the ability to weld on-site etc.

I figure that $1,000 should cover his expense, saving me over $5,000.

Problem is, I want the fabricator to see what the existing metal stair construction looks like so he can pre-fabricate the new stairs.

DOES ANYONE have pictures of metal stairs mid-construction?

Or does anyone have thoughts on my idea?

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