Just plain confused...getting a new pool...

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Just plain confused...getting a new pool...

Postby jenne03 » Wed 23 Apr, 2008 09:39

We have decided to get a vinyl liner inground pool.  We have had a couple estimates and I am just confused.One estimate is for a 20 1/2 X 34 "oversized L shape". They use Polysteel pool walls which is a powder coated walls system over galvanized steel walls. They are installed in ground  It comes with a super pump with oversized basket<don't know the size> . Two wide mouth Hayward skimers, multi directional return inlets.The other estimate is for either an Oasis shape (20 X 40) or a Lazy L (20 X 44). They use steel walls. It also has white aluminum rim lock coding<???> The other estimate doesnt mention this. A 1 1/2 De pump and a main drain with 2 returns. An automatic recessed skimmer, cantilever decking<?>.So I am confused as to which is better a poly steel wall or steel? Also i have read that you don't want to overkill with your filter..IS 1 1/2 too much for the second estimate?The companies are pretty much the same with giving you 3 foot concrete patio. The second company gave me the pricing per sq foot to add patio.  The second company gives you one Sam<i think that is what is says> light. Both the same on excavation, and permits.We are adding a safety cover and getting a salt system. And then the second company also said they have some of last years sliding boards<we are thinking about getting one> . He showed us what it kind of looked like and says it is really nice..and would give it to us for 1000 dollars. Said slides are way more than that..don't know if it is bs or not.Anyhow the 2nd company is charging us about the same price as the first..but we get a bigger pool. Is there anything I should be asking these companies? Is it a good idea to ask for a smaller pump?  Thanks so much in advance for checking out the estimates and giving me some feedback.

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