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pool deck

Postby ldee » Sun 27 Apr, 2008 08:56

Has anyone ever seen a concete sub deck poured without using any forms? The pool company poured it yesterday when I wasn't home and it's all wavy and uneven. The landscapers came and said they can't lay pavers on it they way it is and that they need to saw a straight edge (at an additional charge of course). The pool guy says he pours all his subdecks this way. He said he didn't have to use forms becuase it's just a subdeck and it being covered anyway.

Anyone have any advice? I've had some other concrens with this pool company.


Postby Guest » Mon 28 Apr, 2008 19:21

I would think... *that can be dangerous* :lol: to lay pavers, the ground/subdeck should atleast be level... Right??

Gosh. What a nightmare. :(

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