Renovation Nightmare - Advice please

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Renovation Nightmare - Advice please

Postby ldee » Sun 27 Apr, 2008 10:20


We recently hired a pool company to renovate our 30 year old vinyl pool. He removed the coping and liner and installed a wall track.
The issues are as follows - any advice is appreciated

a) we agreed on a concrete subdeck to be poured around the pool so pavers can be set on top - they didn't use forms to pour the concrete and so it is unlevel and wavy at the edges. The lanscapers are telling me they need to saw the edge of the concrete to make it straight - is this true?

b) he cemented the skimmer shut so the height can not be adjusted for the pavers. the skimmer mouth on the inside of the pool is not flush with the metal walls and so it can not form a proper seal. an alternate pool guy inissts this needs to be dug out and reset.

c) the skimmer lines are just below the concrete surface and not below the water line. I've read this could give me issues with priming.

I have lost confidence with this pool guy and I told him I didn't want his subcontractors coming back. He said my liner has already been ordered and he wants me to pay for it. I'm not sure if I should withold payment at this point or not.

He said I was being parnoid and that the above mentioned problems are not a problem.

Thank you


Postby Guest » Mon 28 Apr, 2008 19:16

Buy the sound of your post and satisfaction at this point, I'd with hold all payments untill your concerns are dealt with. I'd even look into a second or third opinion and depending on their estimates to correct errors if something is truely wrong, I'd then look into an attorney.

But that's just me. I don't even trust my spouse with the pool.

Hope you can get this sorted. 8)

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