Unique pool, tell me why I'm an idiot

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Unique pool, tell me why I'm an idiot

Postby Toxoph » Thu 01 May, 2008 14:34

This may be long, sorry, Wasnt sure where to post this.

Ok, I have a very unique pool, if you want to call it that. What I have done may not be in the norm (but niether am I). Basically I would like to descibe what I have, what I have done and hear why I should or shouldnt have done that, thanks in advance.

What I have:
We bought the house in 1992. In the front was a 10'x12'x5' pool built probably in the 60s-70s. My neighbor who is in his late 30s remembers swimming in it as a kid. Concrete cast in place, about 4' inground, about 1' above. A large 8' high, 3 tier waterfall empties into it built from limerock by original owner.

It needed a lot of attention to be usable and untill about 5 years ago, I never got around to fixing it. I had lots of visions for it but finally decided to make it a kooi pond (bear with me)

What I did
So....5 years ago I clean out about 2' of leaves, scrape it down, plug the drain pipes, paint it in blue rubberized pool paint, buy a large biological filter, install a 1/3hp submersible pump about 1' from the bottom, plumb it to the top of the waterfall where it dumps out of a large urn and fill the pool with water.

As the pool is filling, I am thinking whether I should use Kooi or bluegill in it but when its full, something happens......

I decide to take a dip.

There was no turning back. Next thing I know, my boy is in it, the wife and I are drinking adult beverages in it while listening to the soothing water cascade over the rocks. It really makes the Florida summers bearable.

Since then I learned a lot and have done a lot. I have had leaks where I ground them down and patched with eather hydrolic cement or epoxy putty. I have painted it about 3 more times. I struggled with the chemicals to keep it clear, I found a floating chlorinator works best. I use a pool devil (I hear you laughing) as the skimmer. I vacuum it by setting up a siphon into the ditch (ok, quit laughing now), believe it or not, it works.

So, We swim, or rather soak in a pool set up as a Kooi pond for the last 5 years. Since we get so much pleasure with it, I want to keep it and maybe set it up a little better but money is kinda tight.

My concerns and questions
Will the submersible pump go haywire one day and electricute us all?
One advantage to the submersible is its QUIET, I love hearing the waterfall. Dont forget its 8'.

Can I setup a real skimmer?
I only have 1 extra pool devil left :?

What filtration system should I use rather than the bio one I have?

Any other advice appreciated

I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.


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