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balcony pool

Postby Guest » Sun 04 May, 2008 23:53

i live in an appartment.. and was thinking how to make a redneck pool (i mean no disrespect).. since i cant plant one on the ground floor and fold it up each time.. so there i was sitting on my balcony and thought to myself... why not here.. couple of wooden boards to cover up the holes thru the bars.. a long pipe to act as a beam on the wall end.. and tie a tarp on the balcony and extra beam and voila.. instant pool..... im curious if this might work.. can the balcony support this weight.. do i need psychiatric help..... how many gallons of water can a balcony support ?.. tommorow ill b asking my landlord how much weigh the balcony can hold...

thank u for ur time :)

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