need help with inground skimmer

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need help with inground skimmer

Postby kirby » Tue 13 May, 2008 12:09

i have a 2 year old san juan pool that keeps leaking down to the lower opening of the skimmer. when i take the basket out of the skimmer, i see a bigger (approx inch and a half) opening that seems to be drawing the return water back to the pump. but there is a second round opening in the bottom of the skimmer (about 1 inch in diameter) that seems to be plugged with gravel and mud. looking at the install detail, it looks like just one pipe comming out of the skimmer back to the pump, so my question is does anybody know what this "second drain" in the bottom of the skimmer is , and why it would have mud and gravel in it?

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Postby muss08 » Wed 14 May, 2008 06:31

The second hole is an optional hole that allows for the main drain line to be attached to the skimmer. If the main drain has its own line and is not attached to the skimmer then this hole is plugged. The mud and gravel has probably just fallen in and not been cleared out. No reason for it to be there.
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