Foam wall liner worthwhile?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Foam wall liner worthwhile?

Postby tcpartridge » Sat 18 Apr, 2009 13:04

Greetings All!

New to this forum but not new to pool ownership. I've got a 25 year old pool. Bit of a hybrid. It's an 18 x 36 inground pool that's 80% out of the ground. Built on a slope in our yard. Been a great pool with very few issues over it's lifetime.

Yanked out the old liner yesterday and now get to see some issues. Galvanized steel walls with "concrete" bottom.

The walls have some rust issues which I will address as needed. My ? is.....I've seen 1/8' foam liner for walls in a few catalogs and wonder if this would be prudent to use with this third liner i will be installing myself. Supposed to help against corrosion of the wall messing with your liner.

Anyone have experience with this product?


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