Aboveground pool repair

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Aboveground pool repair

Postby needsomesun » Tue 28 Apr, 2009 23:56

I moved into a house last year with an above ground pool in the backyard. the pool had been let go for a year or so, it was very very bad, full of leaves, algae, anything else imaginable. we talked to some local pool dealers and they suggested a few different chemicals and cleaning the leaves out. we tried all that they suggested. $200 later, it was still yucky. our first mistake was to drain the pool of all the nasty water to remove the leaves. long story short the liner shrunk before we could get the water back into it, later learning that we should have never drained all the water out and cleaned the liner. so my question is... my pool has been sitting for a year, empty with no liner, because it ripped to pieces with the weather, the walls are caving in also, is there any hope for my pool? can the walls be restored and a new liner purchased? we spend all last summer worrying with this thing, when we discovered that the liner was ripped, we just let it go! please if you have any suggestions, let me know. i have a deck built around the walls and don't really know what to do... thank you

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