Pool Electric Tingle

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Electric Tingle

Postby easonj » Fri 29 May, 2009 19:52

Hi - I am in need of some help!!! We put a new vinyl pool in in August. Before the paver decking was ever put down we felt an eletric shock. the pool company and electrician called the power company who came and installed an isolater to our transformer. The power company said the stray voltage in our area caused this. Now months later my children are still feeling a tingle, however, adults can not feel it. the power company came back out and said the voltage is measuring .5 volts and there is nothing else they can do. the pool company says it the power companys fault, the power company says it is most likely r/t the pool not being bonded correctly (however it was approved by the county inspector) and no one is helping us. I have read several comments on here about the salt water pools increased the eletric conductivity and our pool is salt and also saw where someone mention adding a sacrificial zinc block, what is that?? Iam really getting frustrated and I am desperate for some help!!! Thanks in advance to anyone who has an answer for me!

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Electric Tingle

Postby DanB » Tue 09 Jun, 2009 15:41

just because an inspector approved it, doesn't make it correct. Look to see if there is a big bare copper wire connected to bare metal on the pool structure that runs from the pump.

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