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Pool floor

Postby djb4156 » Wed 03 Jun, 2009 05:22

I just had a 27' round above ground pool installed and am starting to fill with water. I noticed (after the installers left, of course) that the bottom of the pool (the liner on top of the ground, is very bumpy from the installers footprints. I can actually see complete footprints where his foot sunk into the sand. Will this smooth-out as I fill with water? I want to know now before I completely fill with water. It seems that it should be smooth now - it will be rough walking on bumps and indentations and also hard to vacumm the sunken spots (from the footprints of the installer).

Do I need to stop payment on the check I just gave them on the balance owed? Any help appreciated!


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Pool floor

Postby Me... » Wed 03 Jun, 2009 08:51

The footprints will not smooth out as it fills. This is part of the reason to go for a more solid bottom in the pools.

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