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New Pool Quote Phoenix.

Postby Guest » Sat 20 Jun, 2009 21:11

Hello Everyone-

I’m ready to get a pool so, I've started getting quotes on your average 80 perimeter pool. With today's market, I know you can get a lot more pool now than I could have 3-4 years ago. I have a very aggressive budget of keeping everything around $16-17,000. I received a quote today for a local builder with the total price of $25,000, below is the price breakdown.

Please let me know If they are over charging, or if this is a good deal.

Thanks for your help and input

15,995.00- Basic Pool Package
$ 400- Pool Permits
$465- Increase depth to 6ft from standared 5ft
$465- Remove an replace fence
$750-Standard bobcat dig
$!60-baha step
$695-Navigator (Pool Cleaner)
$2,850-In-Floor cleaning system (425 Cart/ 1.5HP) ( PV3 system)
$525-Upgrade to Goldline P-4Panel, No Salt
$925 Add Goldline Salt Cell to ANy Goldline Panel
$205-Automated Valves, Per Valve
$515-upgrade to LED light
$2,195-20sq FT Rock Waterfall
$145- Landscape Boulder
$2,000- Upgrade to Standard Color Pebbie Tec or Shee

-$(2,850) In Floor Promo
-$(1,450)Salt Chlorine Generator
-$ (750) Discount

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