Recipe for disaster?

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Recipe for disaster?

Postby lefonze » Tue 29 Dec, 2009 14:07

Last summer our landlord decided it was not worth the expense to resurface our pool and attached hot tub or fix problems with the underground pipes. He had the pool filled in with dirt, a huge project, and it took months between emptying the pool and filling it for him to get the permits to do so. We all miss the pool, however last night one of my roommates decided to take it upon himself to dig out the hot tub portion of the pool and restore it to be usable by New Years Eve, three days from now.

This has me rather worried as I don't think he or other roommates who agree to the decision to restore the hot tub, fully grasp the scale or risks of the task at hand. This project would be going on without permits, and behind the landlord's back. I want to say okay, as I miss the tub, and of course me standing in the way makes me the bad guy in everyone's mind, but I'm afraid of getting sued or evicted. Beyond that, is there the possibility of a gas leak/explosion should he reinstall the pool heater incorrectly? Is this task even feasible by a group of inexperienced guys in three days? Would love some input from anyone with knowledge in what's involved.

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Recipe for disaster?

Postby czechmate » Tue 29 Dec, 2009 20:16

There is people, that know just about enough about subjects, to be dangerous.
You do not even fit this category.
Use the bathroom tub instead and pretend it is a hot tub.
In a jail you won't even have that much.
And when your dad will bail you out, you will find out, that you have been evicted.
Remember Clint Eastwood?
"Every man has to know his limitations". :wink:

Recipe for disaster?

Postby Guest » Sat 09 Jan, 2010 02:13

3 days is not much time if you have to redo all the piping and resucitate the pump and filter.

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