Is it poss to convert koi pond to swimming pool?

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Is it poss to convert koi pond to swimming pool?

Postby nofishreq » Sun 05 Sep, 2010 06:24

Does anyone know if it's posssible to convert a Koi Pond to a swimming pool?
I've just bought a property that has a professional Koi breeding pond approx 20 foot x 8 foot and 1.5M deep. In ground but does come above ground about 1.5ft.
(there are also a few concrete breeding tanks nearby).
The pond is concrete with a thick black plastic liner. There is still water in the tank and a filter running. the filter system looks very professional with pipes coming out here and there...I haven't moved in yet so can't check out the whole system.

I know nothing about ponds or pools and am wondering if the filter systems etc in a koi pond could easily be converted to whats required for a pool? and if the concrete interior of the pool would need re-constructing or if I could use the liner that is currenty in the pool (not sure about the hygeine of that).

Anyhow, if anyone could give any advice at all (a ball park figure for any converting/pumps/filters etc) that would be a great help! Many Thanks!...

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Is it poss to convert koi pond to swimming pool?

Postby floridapooltech » Sun 05 Sep, 2010 11:56

I guess it would be possible to convert it. May be less expensive in the long run to just buy an above ground pool as they come with the filter/pump, etc...To start off you would need to know what kind of filter and pump you have, if there is a skimmer, you need a main drain at the center of the deepest part, a suction port on the side (if you want a seperate cleaning option other than using the skimmer for hooking up the hose). There are quite a few things that need to be in place that i'm not sure a pond would even have.

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