Flocculant mystery?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Flocculant mystery?

Postby Eazy71 » Mon 17 Feb, 2020 03:47

Hi everyone - new poster driven here out of desperation. After the orange dust filled rain we had in Melbourne a couple of weeks back, I flocced the pool - I didn’t get great results as I don’t think I left it long enough (never had to floc before). So, this weekend I did it again - flocced using Aluminium Sulphate and left for 24 hours.

This morning it was looking great - 95% clear. I came in from work tonight looking forward to vacuuming a 100% clear pool and I was dismayed to see that all of the floc has risen off the bottom of the pool and it looks no better than when I started. Nobody has been in the pool and all pumps have been turned off...any ideas what could have caused this? Is the answer just to leave it another 24 hours or do I need to treat it again???

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