Dirty water coming from blowers while vacuuming

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I'm new here
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Dirty water coming from blowers while vacuuming

Postby bksbeat » Thu 19 May, 2011 06:37

Okay, so we have a cage surrounding our pool that is flat on top and we have alot of trees around. Hence we get alot of debris, pollen and leaves that end up on top of the cage, and end up (esp after it rains) in our pool. When I put the filter on and vacuum the pool the first few minutes are fine and then I notice what looks like dirty water coming thru the blowers. The spa fills up quickly and within minutes you cannot see anything in the spa. I then go over to the filter and check the skimmer which is filthy, full of mud and leaves. I clean the skimmer, put the filter back on and then the water looks clean coming thru the blowers, only problem it is not flowing like it was when it was feeding the filthy water, but more like a trickle and lots of bubbles. When I normally am not cleaning/vaccuum the pool and the filter is on, all is fine - clean water and the flow thru the blowers is fine.
Any ideas, will be much appreciated


Dirty water coming from blowers while vacuuming

Postby poolboy911 » Sat 28 May, 2011 06:13

When you have excessive mud or silt you should try vacuum to waste.

The cloudy water that is coming back through the returns is dirt thr filter cannot trap because it is too full. Clean/ backwash your filter when this happens and then continue vacuuming until the filter gets full again. You may have to repeat the backwashing several times if your pool is very dirty.

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