Cloudy Pool water problem

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
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I'm new here
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Cloudy Pool water problem

Postby AmazonHunter » Fri 22 Jul, 2011 18:40

My 18x33 oval above ground pool has been crystal clear all year since I've opened it. Somebody told me one time not to leave rafts and other floats in the water because it could mess up the water chemistry. The other day I cleaned my cartridge filter which really didn't need it. I later went swimming and broke my own rule. I forgot and left 3 rafts in my pool which are brand new canvas rafts. I went to work the next morning and I didn't return home until the next morning after that so they stayed in the pool for 2 days. I came home to a cloudy pool. We are also facing extreme heat conditions. I read somewhere that cleaning your filter can sometimes cause your pool to become cloudy because a small amount of debree on the filter helps the filter do its job.
So I'm thinking that my cloudy pool water has been caused by one or more of 3 things.
1. The Rafts
2. Cleaning the filter when it didn't really need it.
3. Extreme heat conditions.

Any thoughts or advice on my issue would be greatly appreciated.

I shocked my pool last night and put algecide in it and vacuumed it today and so far it is cloudier than it was to start with. I assume this is going to take me a few days to clear up. It upsets me the most because of the fact that we are in this extreme heat right now and we want to swim.

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