Cloudy water comming out the jets while backwashing

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Cloudy water comming out the jets while backwashing

Postby richinkentucky » Sat 28 Jun, 2014 16:55

New pool owner and I'm stumped, so hopefully some of you veterans can help me? I had a new liner installed this spring, so material on the bottom now shows up easier. Anyhow, after I vacuumed to waist today, due to some accumulation of a small amount of DE on the bottom, I decided to backwash and reload the DE. I digress, I have been having a DE leak problem for about a week now. I had a crack in my manifold, so I ordered and installed an new one, still had the DE getting back in. Then I cleaned out the pump completely and purchased and installed all new filter grids. Still had a small amount of DE getting back in and settling on the bottom. Not much, but it was bothering me that I had spent the time and money to replace the grids and manifold and it was still getting in. Back to today, after backwashing a couple of minutes today I turned around and noticed cloudy water going into the pool from the return jets. Any help would be greatly appreciated before I pull what little hair I have left out.

Thanks in advance.

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