Above ground pool, use of bleach against cloudy water

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
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Above ground pool, use of bleach against cloudy water

Postby igorhk » Thu 10 Jul, 2014 03:06

Hello all

I just got an above ground pool that isnt very big but still needs a filter and use of some chemicals to keep the water clear. I live in Hong Kong so not exactly the place you easily find a swimming pool supply shop. So I decided to just use bleach instead of chlorine powder first because it is much easier to find and second because after all i only have an above ground pool... My pool water looks quite cloudy which isnt surprising since for the first 2 days I did not use any bleach (or anything else). I pour bleach a little bit from time to time in the pool water now.

I am a total noob when it comes to water treatment and pools in general, so here are my questions
- I read that I need 1 gallon of bleach per 1000 gallons water, so my pool being 439 gallons I need 0.439 gallon of bleach. As a noob that looks really huge and I don't feel safe pouring so much bleach in my pool especially since I have young kids. Is that what it is really?
- If I do need to pour that amount of bleach, then how often should I do it? Every day, every week?

Needless to say I do not have anything to calculate the PH but maybe I can try to find one if it can help...

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Above ground pool, use of bleach against cloudy water

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 12 Jul, 2014 12:48


I use sodium hypochlorite 14-15% which is bleach unmixed
I suggest you dose the pool slowly and get some test strips to check the chlorine level (I asume a test kit would be difficult to obtain)
You could miss a few days dosing, but stabilise it first so that you know how much to pour in each day
You really need cyanuric acid (stabilisor) as well
Maybe you could shop online for chemicals

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