Pool not holding chlorine--cloudy

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
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Pool not holding chlorine--cloudy

Postby BillnRene » Mon 03 Jul, 2017 17:49

Hi all. We just purchased our home in upstate NY in September so this is our first season with our pool. The pool itself is older and surrounded by trees. So we are constantly skimming and vacuuming leaves.

We have spent a fortune on chemicals to date! Prior to these test numbers we just dumped 12 lbs of shock into our pool (2 hours prior to testing)

Current test from Bioguard at the pool store
PH 6.8
Alkalinity 80
Total hardness 211
TDS 2500
Free chlorine 2.7
Total chlorine 14.2
CYA 150
Optimizer plus 3

After reading pool school I believe our CYA is an issue. My hubby put in burn out--4 bags--by the next morning we have no chlorine still showing.

We just took apart the filter and soaked the "fingers" in muriatic acid overnight rinsed and reset the whole thing. We have been building immense pressure within 3 hours--we redline within 3 hours of bumping the filter or backwashing.

Any advice?? Thanks!!

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Re: Pool not holding chlorine--cloudy

Postby Denniswiseman » Wed 05 Jul, 2017 11:23

Your CYA is far to high you need to drain 2/3 of your water refill and SLAM
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