Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
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Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

Postby rosalind » Wed 30 May, 2012 00:59

With thinking that you had to ask this query on this community, it is probable you know bit regarding taking care of the pool water. So I will advice that the excellent idea is to take a water sample to a store of pool chemical supply. They will examine the water and tell you appropriate what require to be done to make the clear water.

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Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

Postby lightandspace » Tue 26 Jun, 2012 01:43

its was all great fact I first ever hearing these words clouds pool covers... its amazing
Ray & Cheryl

Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

Postby Ray & Cheryl » Wed 04 Jul, 2012 11:33

Cloudy Pool Problem Solved With Quick Drain
This has been the most discouraging pool opening ever!!!!!!!! We have had a pool since 1985, we presently have a Jacuzzi pump and filter . This year…our pool water has been SO cloudy that we could NOT see the top rung of the ladder….let alone the bottom of the pool. The chemical readings were fine, we even went as far as changing the filter sand and still no good results, it seemed no matter what we did ended at a dead end. Then we got this bright idea to shut the pool down for one night, well would you believe it in the morning….everything had settled to the bottom….CLEAR….we could see the pool bottom the ladder everything!!!!! At this point it wasn’t hard to figure out what was going on, by keeping the pool running…this very light…almost like a talcum powder was forced to circulate or crawl if you will through the water keeping the pool cloudy, with the pool off for several hours it had a chance to settle to the bottom in pockets all over…NOW TO GET RID OF IT!!!! We used this new idea called “QUICK DRAIN”. With this new amazing device we were able to very quickly vacuum (with filter on waste) all of the pollutant from the pool. In order to completely eradicate the pollutant we knew there was going to be a good amount of water loss meaning the pool water level would probably need to go down below the skimmer also meaning that the pump would no longer be able to run. Thanks to Quick Drain which allows you to continue vacuuming with the water level BELOW the skimmer we didn’t need to shut the pool down. Once finished vacuuming with the filter dial back in the filter position we left Quick Drain inserted in the skimmer to continue recirculating the water until (with the help of a garden hose) it regained its original depth @ the skimmer, this also allowed us to continue enjoying our pool while Quick Drain was doing the work…. “QUICK DRAIN”…an amazing product
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Re: Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

Postby swimlikearock » Wed 07 Mar, 2018 11:14

I use a non-chlorine system called Oxygen Pools and I normally don't get cloudy water unless there is a lot of rain. If it rains heavy and the water does get cloudy, I just double dose with Formula O and it clears it right up.

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